On a motorway car trip from Venice to Milan, a group of friends, who like getting together for work as well, started, in a rather casual way, to talk about a business plan that in a very short time would reveal itself surprising even to them. In that car there was an important perfume dealer, the managing director of a firm that produces fragrances for very prestigious companies and two of the most highly rated perfumers (“noses”) in the world. In other words and explosive concoction of ideas, fragrances and proposals.

In a few months the combination of these forces became a steady project that day after day rapidly took its form. The perfumers’ noses dived, perhaps for the first time in their lives, into an adventure that had been ordered to them only by the passion for their work.

The perfume dealer, sensing the potentiality this new line of business represented, didn’t let this opportunity fade away. His company was immediately put at the perfumers’ disposal to support their creativity in a skilful way.

In a very short time Greta Mastroianni was created.
A trademark naturally bound to success, which derives its strength from a name already famous all over the world and which has claimed, since its appearance on the market, the place that justly belongs to it.

Today we are a reality, present in many countries, but we keep working as if it were the very first day. The performance of our brands gratifies our efforts and drives us towards new achievements.