F16456 IMP fragrance for ladies

This fragrance is a floral composition that develops, from the very beginning, around the original scent harmony of Rhubarb that can be appreciated immediately on opening.

Rhubarb is a perennial plant that grows mainly in Europe and Asia. Its fragrance is green, fruity, aromatic and flowery. It gives very refined and energizing notes to perfumes containing it.

Imp Fragrance for Ladies is characterized by a floral harmony beginning with a slight scent of red small fruit, watermelon and kiwi, made unique by well blended notes of Rhubarb.

The main body consists of Spring flowers, such as cyclamen, freesia and jasmine, warmed up at the end, by a mix of soft finishing touches of sandal and moss, made even more precious thaks to gentle notes of grey amber.

“Il profumo ha una forza di persuasione più convincente delle parole, dell’apparenza, del sentimento e della volontà”